WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM LTD (www.WRR.NG), owners of Nigeria’s largest poetry sharing platform ( and Nigeria’s only online poetry college ( as well Nigeria’s only author resource website ( is a fast growing Nigerian publishing and educational institution.

We have a range of publishing packages designed to suit your budget and preferences, each comes with additional perks like FREE book reviews, interviews, adverts and other value added services that will save you a small fortune.

When we publish your book, we list you on our Nigerian author resource data base: See samples below:

We will also list your books on online stores (eBook and Paperback) to aid nationwide and global distribution:

All these are added with standard review of your book to be done by a professional reviewer.

WHAT CAN WORDS DO? (a Review by Prof. Gbenga Ibileye)

In addition, we will do social media promotion through 5 Twitter accounts and 2 Facebook pages – over 30,000 combined followers.

So our publishing is not just printing a book and delivering it. We stay with the author from start to finish.

If you factor all these services and cost them, then you’ll never get anything cheaper in Nigeria.

NOTE: If all monies are paid on time, our PRODUCTION-DELIVERY SCHEDULE takes 3 weeks from first payment.

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