WORDS RHYMES &  RHYTHM (WRR POETRY) was started by socialpreneur Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, as a social re-orientation poetry forum  in August 2012.

The Words Rhymes & Rhythm movement was started following an observation that, of all genres of Literature,  poetry was under appreciated in Nigeria.

It was a simple beginning, with a Facebook page and a WordPress blog — a platform to harness the obvious poetic talents in Nigerian youths (and others around the world)was born.

Slowly, we brought together young, unpublished writers with two aims:

  1. To help improve the skills of young poets and give them a wider audience while showing the world the quality of young talents.
  2. Create an activist group that would speak about social issues; life, religion, society, politics, humanity, economy, nature, etc.

No one was too poor a poet to be featured, none was turned away.

In 2013, a sister initiative, VerseUp! was started, followed by AUTHORPEDIA in late 2013 and the College of Poetry in March 2014.

It has been two years since that humble beginning and a lot has passed under the proverbial bridge.

From a rag tag group of poets, we became a storm, blowing across the face of the world, drawing membership from all the continents.

We are now over 30,000 members-strong, combining our platforms under the WRR GROUP:

  1. VerseUp!  (@VerseUp!) — a community of poets fighting violence against women and children.
  2. WRR POETRY (@WRRPoetry) —  the best of Nigerian poetry from the best Nigerian poets
  3. AUTHORPEDIA (@Authorpedia) — the number 1 resource blog about Nigerian writing.
  4. WRR COLLEGE OF POETRY (@Poetry_College) — a virtual classroom for aspiring and established poets.

Our slogan remains, rewriting the word, one healing verse at a time.

It has so far been a huge success.

The WRR GROUP  includes VerseUp!  (@VerseUp!), WRR POETRY (@WRRPoetry), AUTHORPEDIA (@Authorpedia) and WRR COLLEGE OF POETRY (@Poetry_College). 

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
Blog: BrainyPoet Writes
Email: kukogho.samson(at)gmail.com
Phone: 08060109295


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