WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM LTD started as a social re-orientation poetry forum in August 2012 — we have since then been actively involved in promoting of Nigerian writing, acting as a support base for young Nigerian writers.

We grew into Nigeria’s largest poetry and education platform online and we are now a foremost Nigerian publishing and educational institution, based in Lagos and Abuja.

We have grown into 4 main arms:

  • www.poetry.wrr.ng – Nigeria’s largest poetry forum
  • www.college.wrr.ng – Nigeria’s only online and free poetry college
  • www.authorpedia. wrr.ng – Nigerian largest authors, books and publishing resource site
  • www.verseup.wrr.ng – Nigeria’s only social reorientation platform fighting women abuse through poetry

Here are some of the things people say about us:

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM has been the crèche, graduate and even post-graduate school of poetry for many of us. The interaction, the friendly learning environment has been a catalyst to the improvement of poetry on this side of the Atlantic, and even beyond. Personally, I have gained in no small measure by being a member of this family.
Now, with a publishing arm added to the kitty of innovations, WRR is sure to outlive her initiator.
— Kunle Omope

[WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is] a citadel of poetry, where all poets, can read, write and learn, as they journeyed into literacy excellence.
— Adeolu Emmanuel Adesanya

[WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is] an avenue for learning and writing.It’s a place where the finest of Nigerian Poetry is read. A goldmine dug up by a fine wordsmith.
— Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is the birth place for many young poets today. It is my birth place. And Sir KIS is an inspiration!
— Justice Gift Ogochukwu

I’ve been groomed here. I have learned here. I’m proud of WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM.
— Covenanted C Benjamin

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is a hub for young and budding poets and writers as well as experienced ones. It’s an Avenue for for literary expression and creativity and provides a platform where all can grow.
WRR crew members are committed and dedicated young people who are making a difference in the literary world using various medium.
— Owoicho Apochi Nelson

I was made here… I love WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM
— Ayomide Festus

[WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is] a good place to start up your writing and get groomed
— Showunmi Olawale Michael

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM crew, you guys know how to harvest poets out of the lot. You nurture interest till it becomes a dream, and what is amazing is, you don’t let any dream remain in sleep.
Kukogho will kick your ass as and when it is necessary and he does it so well. He just won’t rest until his students become bards.
But there is a ‘but’, please extend your contests to other African countries not only Nigeria (you made us all poets abi) and your publishing packages must be expressed in dollars as well for some of your audience in other countries.
Thank you and I will forever remain indebted to you [as a] loyal member of the family.
— Oppong Clifford Benjamin

It is the Poets heaven, where the gods of pens fellowships one another, showcasing their gifts of penning, dishing their master pieces [and] sharing to the whole world that POETRY is life, not for the dead but for the living!
— Erah Oalind

Since I joined WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM I read at least five poems a day! And I have become a better writer. Thanks to the WRR team.
— Obodokasi Agbor

Should you be Clarks, Soyinka, Chinua or Shakespeare before your creativity is published? The answer is CAPITAL NO. They bring out the best in you.
With WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM, I feel like I [have published] a book.
— Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

[WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is] a family of poets doing great things together in oneness regardless of ethnicity, race, fashion or trend. They have maintained focus!
— Olajide Erricsson Adedamola

We came, we saw and we merged. We are a family with a great future. I see this fam churning out books in a few years to come. WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM is where the soul of poetry in this country is heading and I pray we get there. Bless every member and supporter.
— Charles Bernard Aghadi

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM has done a tremendous job here on social media, where it ignited in me, and many, the passion for poetry. Not only did WRR awaken the love for poetry in many people, it also connects many to become friends, created the platform for objective contributions across the globe to poetry, igniting the spirit of creativity and many more…
The crew of WRR are great people naturally endowed with talent. This will continue even till the end of time. Kudos to the WRR crew.
— Samuel Timothy

With due objectivity, all i can say is that Sir KIS, the CEO [of WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM] is a man of vision. He somehow has a crystal ball through which he views the future. Little wonder he remains dauntless of any challenges of today especially in a country like Nigeria.
— Olajuwon Joseph Olumide
WRR is the domicile of voices
Echoing truth down the valley of minds
From the cliff of creativity.

WRR is the mine where treasures
Lurks beneath clouds of words
Awaiting time to discover its value.

WRR is the screen of thousands thoughts
That stomached golden ideas
That will solve the puzzle of our society.

WRR is the World Resident of Raconteurs
That weave words to comfort and soothe
And make it as rod to correct erring souls.

WRR is the World Reservoir of Razors
Sharpened with words to pierce through thoughts,
Dividing asunder good and evil.
— Benjamin Elemide

At WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM, e remain ever committed to promoting and safeguarding the values of arts and culture by preserving works worthy of being read (in print) for the present and posterity, delivering world class publishing products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers and the Nigerian society.

OUR MISSION is to continuously deliver value by:

  1. Providing world class publishing products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers
  2. Employing a diverse, innovative and results-oriented team motivated to deliver excellence
  3. Ensuring timely service delivery as well as response time of client inquiries
  4. Being active in author/writing development and promotion
  5. Constantly achieving operational and professional excellence
  6. Conducting our business in an ethical and economically responsible manner


  1. We are committed to delivering sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following:
  2. Deliver cost effective publishing services
  3. Lower costs in respect to competitor pricing to attract a new class of customers
  4. Introduce new publishing packages that will cater for the unreached markets
  5. Meet our customer requirements
  6. Maximize publishing potentials in the Nigerian market
  7. Ensure continuous professional excellence

Contact use today and let us work together.