Words Rhymes & Rhythm College Of Poetry is a virtual classroom (poetry college) for aspiring and established poets to rub minds. The purpose is to help give formal literature knowledge in an informal environment like the social media.

Many youths ‘live’ on social media. These same group love writing. Unfortunately, many of them have no proper education and this college exists to guide them – learning while socializing.

We call it a peer-review college because the students are the teachers and the teachers are the students. This is so because:

  • Each member of the poetry college is free to initiate discussions by asking questions, teach a form/style/element of poetry.
  • All Members are encouraged to post lessons, instructions and lectures to members of the poetry college
  • Poems by members are brought to the class for open discussion for learning purposes
  • Established poets are also encouraged to do organize lectures, with detailed lecture notes after which there are test, with rewards for the best answer.
  • Everyone is allowed free enrollment and withdrawal – no strict timing of classes.
  • The motto of the college is “play and learn” because we mix socialization with learning. Within a month of starting up, we already have about 5000 students (from all continents) and 7 experienced unpaid teachers offering their services free.

Click here to visit the College’s Facebook classroom and experience social learning at its best. Words Rhymes & Rhythm College Of Poetry is Nigeria’s first and only online poetry college.

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