Hello, welcome to WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM Ltd (RC 1234112).

We are a foremost Nigerian publishing and educational institution, based in Lagos and Abuja.

Since our inception as a social re-orientation poetry forum in August 2012, we have been actively involved in promoting of Nigerian writing, acting as a support base for young Nigerian writers.

We are more than a publishing house because we also: discover young literary talents, promote them on Nigeria’s largest poetry forum – WRR Poetry; teach them on Nigeria’s only online poetry college –WRR College of Poetry; and engage them in positive literature through our social reorientation platforms VerseUp (poetry against Women Abuse) and Poetivists (change-poetry). WRR also has a resource site for all things Nigerian writing – Authorpedia, which promotes Nigerian authors, books and literary service providers.

We offer both traditional and self-publishing services, with preference to young, previously unpublished writers.

WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM Ltd presently has an Asset Base of over 1 Million Naira, shareholders’ funds of over 1 Million Naira and employs over 200 people (as full staff, volunteers and partners) mostly based in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and France.

Our strong social-service culture and active engagement of the Nigerian audience has seen us grow consistently from a group of poets to a company changing the landscape of Nigerian literature and publishing.

At WORDS RHYMES & RHYTHM Ltd, we are dedicated to rewriting the world, one verse at a time.